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Chestnut Hill-Mt.Airy Patch

Jake Speicher,  July 22nd, 2013

When Meg Hagele of High Point Café decided she wanted to expand her business, she realized she needed some help, some investors.

“I invited 35 of my regulars to a meeting in the living room of my mom’s house,” Hagele said.  “Ninety percent of the people at that meeting have invested.”

Hagele needed investors because she has plans to open a wholesale wing of her suddenly growing High Point empire.

“We’re going to roast our own coffee and do all of our baking.”

Hagele plans to do this at 6700 Germantown Ave.

“I’m super excited,” Hagele said.  “The outpouring of support has been amazing.  It makes me want to cry.”

Besides receiving help from her customers, Hagele has also received help from her family.

“My family has been helping me put together the business plan for the wholesale operation,” Hagele said.  “They really believe in what we do, and they’ve done all they can to help me grow up.”

Hagele also wants to thank luck.

“The serendipity of it all,” Hagele said.  “It’s just amazing.”

The proposed location for the wholesale business was originally slated to become a Wingstop franchise.  Those plans fell through, and Hagele swept in.

“We were originally supposed to take over the bottom floor,” Hagele said.

The bottom floor space is 1,800 square feet.  Hagele now does all of her baking out of a 100 square foot kitchen at the High Point location on Carpenter Lane.

“We were all set to go in,” Hagele said.  “We only needed to figure out how to move product up and down.”

“I had looked at the top part of the building several years ago when I first had this idea,” Hagele said.  “It’s amazingly fortuitous that it became available.”

Hagele added, “I’m super excited.  I’ve already got three or four cafes lined up to buy from us when we’re up and running.”