Jumpstart Germantown Training Program

“Mentors are guides. They lead us along the journey of our lives. We trust them because they have been there before, they embody our hopes, cast light on the way ahead, interpret arcane signs, warn us of lurking dangers and point out unexpected delights along the way.”
-Laurent Daloz

Who We Are

Jumpstart Germantown, an initiative spearheaded by Philly Office Retail to facilitate the revitalization of the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia through high quality residential renovations. We are working to identify fellow developers who share our interest in investing in the future of Germantown.  Through mentoring, networking and providing financial resources to these developers, Jumpstart Germantown will remove blight and deteriorated properties from its residential neighborhoods, making Germantown a better place to live, work and enjoy.

What We Do

The Jumpstart Germantown Training Program educates novice developers then connects them with more experienced real estate professionals. Philly Office Retail President Ken Weinstein leads the training program with an emphasis on providing opportunities to minority and women investors. The Training Program consists of ten hours of instruction, introducing novice developers to the basics of the real estate development process. By involving guest speakers and construction site visits, these sessions provide attendees with a working knowledge of real estate acquisition, financing, construction, leasing and property management.

After each Training Program, Jumpstart Germantown assigns industry veterans as mentors to guide mentees through their next development project. Mentees learn how to create a financial base for themselves and their families by investing in residential properties while working to remove blight and vacancies from the Germantown community. Mentors have the opportunity to see the benefits of this program by increasing property values in and around Germantown and, more importantly, by making a significant difference in their community.

One Goal

Interested applicants must have a commitment to revitalizing Germantown. The focus of Jumpstart Germantown is not only financial gain for the participant. Jumpstart Germantown is devoted to changing Germantown for the better and ask that only candidates with a similar mission apply.

Apply Now for 2020 Training Program! 

We are finishing up our 2019 Training Programs and are accepting applications to be placed on the wait list for 2020. 

For the past 3 years, Jumpstart Germantown provided its Training Program at no cost.  During this time, we graduated 400 participants! We are blown away by all the excitement for the Jumpstart Program.

Starting with our January 2019 Training Program, we will collect a $100 fee per participant – $80 of which will be donated to Habitat for Humanity – Germantown to provide affordable housing in our community.  The remaining $20 will cover the cost of the Training Workbook distributed at the first Training session.

This is not an application fee. Your $100 will be due once you accept the invitation to attend a Jumpstart Training session.  As of October 2018, we still have 200 applicants on the wait list. If everyone on the wait list goes through Jumpstart Training, that’s $16,000 for Habitat for Humanity!  

 Training Program Application

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.  

Please contact Angie@PhillyOfficeRetail.com with all questions and inquiries or call her at (215) 247-5555 ext. 211

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