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Philly Office Retail employs an experienced full-service team to address all your needs, regardless of size. We’re your landlord, architect, leasing agent, contractor and property manager. We do it all in-house to provide you the highest quality of service.

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Ken Weinstein

Ken is an active entrepreneur and real estate developer in the Philadelphia area. He serves as President of Philly Office Retail which has received four Preservation Alliance Community Awards for its unique adaptive reuse projects.  Ken co-founded the Mt. Airy Business Improvement District and currently serves as its chair.  Mayors Michael Nutter and Jim Kenney appointed Ken to chair the Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation.  He founded Jumpstart Germantown, Trolley Car Table Tennis Club and Trolley Car Teachers’ Fund and worked as Chief of Staff to Councilwoman Happy Fernandez before starting and operating four restaurants and serving as a Director/Organizer of Valley Green Bank.

Kate Schoener

Chief Operating Officer

What you do: Everything!
Background: I’ve been with Philly Office Retail for 13 years. Prior to POR, I sold residential real estate for four years along with managed restaurants.
Fun Fact: I love to cook and explore new food cultures.


Aaron Cushing

Field Superintendent


Maeve Daly

Executive Assistant/Marketing Manager


Je’Juan Ford

Director of Leasing and Marketing

Jasmin Frisby

Jasmin Frisby

Director of Accounts Payable


Derrick Gaddy

Maintenance Tech


Moriah Levin

Chief Financial Officer


Charles McCall

Maintenance Supervisor


Raymond Medero



Kyle T. Meiser

Project Architect


Samuel Ortega



Betsy Marsh-Brodie

Director of Property Management


Jamie Rodriguez

Director of Construction


Aja Sims



Darell Sparks

Maintenance/Landscaping Tech


Audrey J Thomas

Maintenance Tech


Eric Vazquez



Angie Williamson

Director of Jumpstart Germantown


What you do: Oversee Daily Field Operations

Background: 30 years in the industry...15 as a superintendent

Fun Fact: My 15 year old son is a better golfer than me!


What you do: I assist Ken with correspondence, appointments, and handle the POR administrative tasks, while managing the marketing for the Trolley Car restaurants.

Background: I graduated with a BA in Communication from La Salle University and spent the last few years working at a history and arts focused non-profit in Chester County.

Fun Fact: In my spare time, I'm either traveling, cheering on the Sixers, or working as a Studio Manager for an art studio in Phoenixville.


What you do: My job is to attract emerging start-ups, existing businesses and thriving organizations with growth potential to expand. My goal is to keep tenants happy and make sure they continue to grow and stay with the POR family.

Background: Je’Juan previously worked in sales and marketing, served as project manager and is a licensed PA realtor.

Fun Fact: I’m always working in some form of fashion, but when I’m not Mommy duties keep me busy with my fun and energetic little girl.


What you do: Oversees and issues payment for invoices received by POR vendors.

Background: My educational background is in Business Management & I have been overseeing accounts payable for the last 3 years.

Fun Fact: I enjoy binge watching the latest Netflix television series.

What you do: Maintain maintenance and repairs for POR properties.

Background: I have been completing landscaping and maintenance work for the past 10 years.

Fun Fact: When not working I like to go to the movies with my children.


What you do: Moriah manages the accounting department and oversees human resources.

Background: Moriah previously worked as a small business consultant and corporate banker; she's completed an MBA, and first learned bookkeeping with Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co.

Fun Fact: Moriah's favorite drink is a Sazerac.


What you do: I oversee landscaping and on call emergency services for Philly Office Retail.

Background: I have been a contractor for over 30 years.

Fun Fact: When I am not working I like to travel go to the theater. I also like to attend family events and spend as much time as I can with my grandchildren.

What you do: Manage a crew of construction specialist and commercial renovation projects.

Background: I have over 15 years of experience in the construction trade.

Fun Fact: I like to change my hair color all of the time.


What you do: Provide construction documents and aid in project management.

Background: Graduated Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami (FL) 1996; Project Manager and Project Architect 23 years.

Fun Fact: I enjoy watching and coaching my boys in athletics, as well as, riding dirt bikes with them.

What you do: Under the direction of the foreman I work on the renovations of the commercial properties.

Background: I have over 10 years of experience in the construction trade.

Fun Fact: I like motorcycles.


What you do: Manage all properties and provide tenants with customer service.

Background: Over 23 years experience as a Property Manager throughout the city of Philadelphia.

Fun Fact: When I'm not at POR, I'm usually catering events for friends and family.


What you do: I oversee the Philly Office Retail Construction Department. I coordinate all preconstruction estimating and planning. I also project manage all ongoing construction projects with inhouse construction staff and subcontractors on a wide variety of commercial and residential properties in POR’s portfolio. I also conduct all loan inspections for Jumpstart Germantown.

Background: I have 20 years of experience in the construction field as a carpenter, general contractor and project manager on a wide range of residential and commercial projects in the Tri-state area.

Fun Fact: When not at POR, I just love being dad to my 2 year old daughter, Abigail and husband to my wife Jessica as I try to find time to keep our old Volkswagen Beetle alive. Abigail is becoming quite the mechanic!

Email: finance@trolleycarstation

What you do: Bookkeeper for the Trolley Car Diner.

Background: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Clark Atlanta University.

Fun Fact: Love to travel and my favorite place in the world is Las Vegas.


What you do: Maintain the maintenance and landscaping of POR properties.

Fun Fact: Most of the time when I’m not working I spend time with family and attend lessons at the local masjid in my neighborhood.


What you do: Maintain maintenance and repairs for POR properties.

Background: I am a graduate of Orleans Technical School. After graduation, I worked for the Philadelphia Housing Authority.

Fun Fact: When not at POR I live a happy and joyous life with family and friends.

What you do: Under the direction of the foreman I work on the renovations of the commercial properties.

Background: I have been working in the construction business for 8 years.

Fun Fact: I play video games.


What you do: I have the pleasure of working with our amazing Jumpstart community - from training program participants, mentors and borrowers - I help make sure the programs run smoothly.

Background: My educational background is in Urban and Environmental Planning and over the past 15 years I've worked as a City Planner, Economic Development Director and BID Director.

Fun Fact: I'm a wannabe minimalist and enjoy finding ways to do more with less.